Saturday, October 31, 2009

Which came first, the movie or the mom: "Mona Lisa Smile" edition

This picture of Alexandra Wilder's mom was taken in the '60s in Croatia. Mona Lisa Smile came out in 2003.

So I guess I'll go with this mom as the inspiration for stylish school girls everywhere. Her daughter writes: "The attached is a photo of my mom in the 60s, in Croatia where she was born and raised. When she was growing up, she had a turbulent relationship with her mom, so she moved to Canada when she was just 20 years old to make a new start for herself."

The war hero

Moira Stone's mom deserves a purple heart. She got one soldier through gruesome battles with nothing but a pair of high-waisted short shorts, Annette Funnicello Hair and a pair of legs that go on for days.

Moira explains: "My mom, Myrna, in 1968. She sent this picture to my Dad when he was stationed in Vietnam right after they were married. It kept getting stolen from his stuff, so she had to keep reprinting and sending it again."

Hoop dreams

...I'm going to have them tonight, thanks to Carnetta Jones Turek and her cool-ass white hoop earrings.

blogger Hana Turek sent in this photo of her mom (at right) on a joyride with friends: "She still looks the same and acts the same. Example: she wears converse with crazy colored laces, my dad is constantly telling her she has to many holes in her ripped jeans."

Moms who look like...

This is Jennifer Kitay's adorable mom Kay in the early '80s.

This is Tatum O'Neal in "Little Darlings"

Any questions?

Lets bring back: The floppy bow-tie

A loosely tied bowtie with a jumper is hands down one of my favorite 60's mom looks. Use Robin Liebman's mom Sue as an example of just how to work it.

Hair-story: Wax on, Wax off

Leonardo Cesareo's mom was a babe. Of Natalie Wood proportions. But she did put some elbow grease into looking this good. Actually it was wax.

Leo (who's responsible for the very awesome Spliff blog) writes: "She tells me that she used to iron her naturally curly hair with an iron and wax paper, and that her biggest enemy in those days was humidity."

Fie on you humidity and your cruel frizzing forces.

Moms behaving badly: the underground twister

Dasha Oganezov writes about her crush-worthy blond mom (at left):
"The photo was taken around 1967 in Moscow. At that time, Western music was prohibited in the USSR, you had to go to an underground club or a house party to "do the twist". This is one of those parties, at the apartment of the boy who's dancing with her. The clothes are typical, but it's worth noting that both the shirt and the skirt were handmade by my grandma."

Which came first, the movie or the mom: "Annie Hall" Edition

This hot mom moment in time comes from Catherine Kane : "The photo is of my mom, my older sister and I at the zoo in probably 1983. She used to get a lot of "Annie Hall" comments and I think that this photo shows why."

Moms behaving badly: attitude of brattitude

I'm not the only one who covets this mom's dark denim cut-offs. An army of fedora-headed, Schwinn-riding 27 year old male hipsters would die to get their hands on those shorts. Go ahead, try her. This mom can take 'em, one by one.

Reader Lisa sent in this picture: "Towering over her twin brother (barefoot no less) my mom embodied the casual, carefree spirit of being a teenager in the early seventies. That spirit is still thriving to this day, and is one of her most (of many) admirable qualities. Her mother passed it down to her...and my grandmother, there in her floral frock, was no certainly no stranger to style herself!"

Friday, October 30, 2009

An open letter to anyone who's ever tried

To whom it may concern:
This mom was, is and always will be 15 times cooler than you.
Warm regards,

p.s. Amelia Rambissoon sent in this pic of her mom in high-waisted jeans, kicks and a vintage Chevy as an accessory in Baltimore in 1984.

p.p.s. If those mom jeans are wrong, I don't wanna be right

Bathing beauty mom: Mary Jane

No, not that Mary Jane! Get your mind out of the gutter.
This smoking Mary Jane belongs to Kate McManus: "My cute 23-year old Mom (Mary Jane) in her bikini in Hawaii where she eloped with my father in 1967."

Note: The swimmer in the background floating in the direction of Ye Olde Shit's Creek. Did someone need a paddle?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moms abroad: China Doll

Talia Schatz's mom, Lili is my new style icon. This pic was snapped in Beijing in the late 70's, while she was working on international trade for the US government. I would like to make an international trade with her. Unlimited salad and bread-sticks at the Olive Garden of her choosing, in exchange for that navy tailored blazer.


FREAKING FABULOUS. Let me remind you: she already is the most dapper woman in history and we can only see her hat, shoes and coat. Whatever she's wearing under that coat is unfathomably stylish. Don't even try to think about it. It will hurt your brain noodles.

Sarah Moore explains: "This amazing photo is of my Grandmother and Grandaddy, in the mid 1930s, in Knoxville, Tennessee. My Grandmother worked as a model for a local department store, and had amazing style. She still does, in fact. She almost never goes out without a great brooch pinned to her chest."

I'm looking for a Hamill-headed woman

Found one! Sarah Wurrey's hot 70's mom!

"Proof that giving birth never did mean you couldn't still look piping hot in a bikini, here's a 1977 pic of my mom Brenda. My grouchy older sister in her lap sure couldn't dilute the glow of her tan or the awesomeness of her 70s Dorothy Hamill haircut. And she still looks good in a bathing suit, 32 years later. "

Baby's got back (made of stylish mommy meat)

Even in 1986, little Paris Smith was giddy about her mom's 50's plaid mashed-potato-dancin' pants. All-grow'd-up Paris writes: "Here's my mom in Orlando, in an outfit that would make a Williamsburg hipster green with envy. Yeah she's still this f-ing hip"

Please note : the matching red earrings, belt and ballet flats. Uh-mazing.

Well I heard they got pinned

Marianne Gries sent over her favorite picture of her mom, Dixie (left) with her Aunt Mary Ann. Women really knew how to accessorize in the '60s. Pins, hats, ribbons. If you wear any one of those items these days you better be prepared for some not-so-gentle ribbing. I think I liked people in the 60's better than us.

My Shoe Guru

Carrie Bradshaw you can have your Jimmy Choos and your Manolos and your Loubs (ew, sorry). I'll take what's on this cool little lady's feet.

Karen Gomez was kind enough to send this photo of her grandparents Mary and Edison in the '40's. It was a nice reminder that even though I've failed in the past, it's time to try wearing socks with sandals again. Maybe I can pull off what Mary's got going on. Probably not.

Great-grandma, the style icon

It finally happened: a great grandma entry. And it's even better than I ever imagined. Listen up ladies who plan to dress like flappers this Halloween (yeah, I'm talking to you), let Emily Smith be your style inspiration.

Allie Dunworth sent this photo of her beautiful great-gram on her wedding day in 1925.

"Emily lived well into her 90s, and knit sweaters for all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren up until the day she died (about 10 years ago).
She grew up in a super-conservative home in Texas. Her father (a prominent doctor) wouldn't let his 3 daughters dance, play cards, or bind their breasts (a rebellious activity at the time!) After high school, she went to a university in Texas while her high school sweetheart went out to UC Berkeley. She graduated a year earlier than he did, and when he came home for his summer break that year, he said he missed her out in California. Her response: 'Well, why don't you marry me then?' So he did! They moved out to California together right after their wedding. They were married for over 50 years, until my great-grandfather died. Emily, however, actually remarried in her 80s to a widower she met a few years later. She was a fiesty lady!"

Greatest Duets of All Time

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Cher and Peter Cetera. Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt. Amy Grant and Peter Cetera (dude got around). Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis. And now : Carrie Todd's mom and her unidentified friend.

I'll let Carrie field this one: "Here is a pic of my mom performing in a talent show in 1973. She's the one in the giant [AWESOMELY AMAZING] bellbottoms, obviously. My grandmother makes a creepy cameo as the lady in green, sitting in the background."

Can you spot...

Let's play a little game with this incredible picture courtesy of Mae Mouk.
It's kinda like Where's Waldo but easier and far less smug. See if you can spot the following:
1) Mae Mouk's gorgeous Southern Belle mom Martha Wood who she describes as the kind of lady who will "have you over for a great meal and a gin and tonic but then engage you in talking politics and family for hours." (hint: she's very blonde)

2) The lucky dawg at this BBQ in Jena, Louisiana in 1976 who momentarily got her attention

3) The plaid two-piece suit

Adorbs dot org backslash paul bunyon chic dot html

Karen gomez writes: "This is my mom in the 70s. She loved her plaid and her side swept bangs. She is holding my cousin who has a pretty great style herself there!"
You ain't kidding sister

Rodeo mom

MMTSI lassoed (get it?) this photo of Akeli Hunter's mom. This hat actually belonged to her mom's boyfriend at the time, but doesn't it look like it was made for her?

This mom loves a parade

Joanna Douglas over at Shine was inspired to post pics of her own mom after stumbling on this lil' site. (that's MMTSI's rapper alias)

This STUNNING picture was taken at a parade in NYC in 1985. Allow me to free associate: Carly Simon, gorgeous wind-swpt hair, NYC in Tootsie-r times, effortless style, velcro sneakers, golden era in which Richard Dreyfuss was a leading man.

See more pics of Joanna's mom here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Isn't it the most, to say the least?

Samantha Josephs just blew my mind. She sent in this smoking hot "Faster Pussycat"-type photo of her mom. Her mom, Susan Buckner, pictured at right, was a "Goldigger" (hey I ain't saying she's one, Dean Martin is). According to the internets:"The Golddiggers started out as regulars on the Dean Martin Show in 1965, providing a little T&A for the dry martini crowd." They soon got their own show, and why wouldn't they? They're a lot easier on the eyes than that drunk guy.

So I'm about to post this awesome picture and I think why don't I do a background check on Ms. Buckner via my super-high-powered human name scanning machine. And what do I discover?

IT'S PATTY MOTHERFUCKING SIMCOX! That's right, Samantha's gorgeous mom is the original high-school yearbook nerd. She went from wearing Dean-o prescribed sultry one-pieces to poodle skirts, hair ribbons and goodie two-shoes in, oh, only the greatest movie ever made. We have a secret famous mom on our hands people. Alert the media. Alert Lorenzo Lamas' kids: tell them to ditch the reality show for a second and send this link to their dad. His on-screen love-interest never looked so good.

Prom queen

Picture it: Queens, 1967, Rachel Horlick's mom is about to have the best night of her life.

Actually, Rachel's not sure how her pretty mom's prom played out or who her date was for that matter. But one thing's for sure: that night, she had the highest hair in the tri-state area.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mom's life is a highway

This is Allison Fraske's favorite picture of her mom. She even made a cool-ass Photoshop reproduction of it. (Way to make everyone else on this site feel lazy and uncreative)

Here's how Allison describes this iconic picture: "It was taken on her honeymoon in Cape Cod. I love the sunglasses, the car, and check out the hangers in the back seat... traveling closet, always be prepared to "make it work."

Check out more of Allison's work here

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dream Girl #4

This picture of Tara Ferri's stunning mom Gloria reminds me of someone...

I nudged Tara for more info on the lovely lady in the picture:
"This was her senior picture taken in 1965 for the yearbook, and her hair was definitely the biggest in her class. She couldn't swim and my cousin thought she was just saying that because she didn't want to ruin her hair, so he threw her in the pool one day then had to jump in and rescue her. She was also sent to the principal's office for having her skirt to short. He said it was fine and sent her back to class."


Independent women

On Independence Day in the U.S. we wear American flag ties and Bud Light bikinis. In Panama, they actually wear flattering clothing to celebrate their freedom. Fancy that!

This picture was sent to me by Flor Ciampoli in Panama City. She and her gorgeous mom were dressed for Independence Day in national costumes, which look a little like Ralph Lauren's fall line a few years back.

Mirror, Mirror on the mom

This mom is not only the fairest of them all, she's the most flammable. Hello sunlight, please concentrate your heat on this amazing pantsuit. Start fire... on the dancefloor.

Danyelle T. writes: "This is my mom circa 1978 at her high school's homecoming game. You've got to love the shiny disco suit! I wish she would have kept the outfit. I'd so rock the top with leggings and a pair of pumps."

I wanna meet that mom

This has got to be the coolest mom ever. I'm pretty sure if I met her she'd say something like "who brought the kid?" and then prattle off a jazz skat with the help of a bongo and bass player backup band. She doesn't even have the time of day for this picture. And why should she? Lady's wearing Ray-Bans and the rad-est shirt I have ever seen.

Her daughter Alysia P. has the backstory:
"My mom is the portrait of unruffled and unflappable. No crisis ever caused her to lose her cool. Call it stylish sangfroid, even. When you like bold patterns like my mother, you need to be unflappable. That thumb in the picture is my Dad's. They just celebrated 49 years, and he's still putting his thumb in pictures."

Mom-Olympics, The Poconos, 1959

This mom was in a triathalon:

She shot a bow and arrow...

she biked...

...and finished the race by dressing like a gamine hipster. Lets take a moment to appreciate her pin-stripe high-waisted Ann Margaret pants. LOVE. Also that slick rockabilly gent by her side who looks straight outta Greenpoint, Brooklyn--circa NOW.

But according to proud daughter Claudine Gumbel these pics were taken in 1959, on her parents' honeymoon in The Poconos. It clearly was a good trip-- they've been married 50 years.

Bathing beauty mom

Frat guy wake up call: aviator glasses were not invented in 2003.
Berit Preston's mom Krista worked them poolside in 1972. Berit writes: "I challenge Urban Outfitters to style anything that comes close to looking this effortlessly cool."

The prettiest girl in school

What do you want to bet this mom has left a slew of broken hearts in her wake?
Elspeth Maxwell writes: "My mom, the perfect '70s free spirit: long flowing hair, no-nonsense eyeliner, a long patterned skirt and a purse that appears to have been crocheted. Four daughters later, she's still just as effortlessly stylish."

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Those clog boots

Seriously, where are they now and can I borrow them? I don't care if they're stiff or if they smell like a garage. I WANT THEM ON MY FEET.

Remember Erin Schmidt from the post below I'm too lazy to link to? You know the one with high-flying grannie? Yeah her. This is a pic of her gorgeous mom. Erin was generous enough to share it. But I think she's holding out on me with the boots. Judge for yourself:

"My beautiful mom sassing it up for the camera. Love the sweater and the boots and wishing she had kept them all for me to wear. I do have the sweater and rock it all the time!"

Amelia who?

I'm sorry, this woman needs her own biopic, stat!

Meet Erin Schmidt's grandma. She was part of a female flight derby called the Powder Puff Derby. (The what? Read about it here!) She flew from LA to NY as a pilot, after years as a hostess at the Skytrails Restaurant at the Van Nuys airport. Erin writes: "We discovered these photos while putting together a slideshow for her memorial service and WOW! I knew she had style, but nothing like this. The sunglasses, the boots, the shorts showing off those awesome legs – I just had to share these!"

Friday, October 23, 2009

A deleted scene with Jodie Foster in the classic film "Freaky Friday"

This mom, brought to us courtesy of Bruna Kleeman, has the kind of style I'd most like to work today. It's very 1981: loose layers, yellows and reds, sharp collar, chunky belt, introspective baby.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

POP QUIZ: What is this mom looking at?

a) A tiny spot on the wall (it's called meditation, people)

b) International superstars The Everley Brothers

c) A delicious piping hot cheesesteak sandwich on the table next to the photographer

d) Her bright future

answer: d. (Though I wouldn't rule out all of the above). Alexis Glenn explains: "This is my Mom, Betsy Cannon, circa 1968. The photo was taken for her engagement announcement. She lived in Berkeley, California at the time. I love the jewelry, hair, makeup, everything, so classic!"

Good genes: Two generations of hot mamas

Jen Peters sent over not one but two incredible matriarchal masterpieces. She also curated them for us:

"'Grandma Portrait'" is my grandma, Mary Peters, looking absolutely gorgeous in front of a faux snowfall. This was before she popped out six kids! Grandma is celebrating her 85th birthday today."

"'Mom Prom'" is my mom, then Barbara Davis, with her prom date, Denny Bray. She was so damn skinny with perfect porcelain skin! (I definitely did not get the skinny genes.) Oh and kicka$$ glasses, too.. Her date, meanwhile, was a total sweetheart -- and still a wonderful man to this day. My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in June and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, so we've been pulling out a lot of old photos lately."

Eat your heart out, Dov Charney

Kelly Cousins submitted this amazing pic which might as well have been taken in L.A. in 2005:
"My mom could have been the perfect American Apparel model. 30 years later and she is still as beautiful, fun, stylish, and cool- She's still got 'it' and makes my 20-something male friends swoon. She rules!"

Life will never be as good as it is in this picture

This factual evidence that our moms were cooler than us was submitted by my friend Siobhan. She writes:
"This is my mother and her sister Brenda in 1978 in Dublin with their cousin George from Canada!!"

Cousin George looks like he may be getting some ideas. Cool it G-dawg. The ladies are styling in their high-waisted "One Day at a Time" bell-bottoms, but this is Ireland, not Appalachia.

Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

Actually this mom's name is Tracey, but the luscious Goldilocks side-braid totally brings out my inner-Jan Brady.

Thanks, Jo Piazza, for the awesome 'Mom'age. But do you have another picture without that chubby little old man in the frame? Seriously you were one cute baby. Stop showing off about it.