Saturday, October 24, 2009

I wanna meet that mom

This has got to be the coolest mom ever. I'm pretty sure if I met her she'd say something like "who brought the kid?" and then prattle off a jazz skat with the help of a bongo and bass player backup band. She doesn't even have the time of day for this picture. And why should she? Lady's wearing Ray-Bans and the rad-est shirt I have ever seen.

Her daughter Alysia P. has the backstory:
"My mom is the portrait of unruffled and unflappable. No crisis ever caused her to lose her cool. Call it stylish sangfroid, even. When you like bold patterns like my mother, you need to be unflappable. That thumb in the picture is my Dad's. They just celebrated 49 years, and he's still putting his thumb in pictures."

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