Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Isn't it the most, to say the least?

Samantha Josephs just blew my mind. She sent in this smoking hot "Faster Pussycat"-type photo of her mom. Her mom, Susan Buckner, pictured at right, was a "Goldigger" (hey I ain't saying she's one, Dean Martin is). According to the internets:"The Golddiggers started out as regulars on the Dean Martin Show in 1965, providing a little T&A for the dry martini crowd." They soon got their own show, and why wouldn't they? They're a lot easier on the eyes than that drunk guy.

So I'm about to post this awesome picture and I think why don't I do a background check on Ms. Buckner via my super-high-powered human name scanning machine. And what do I discover?

IT'S PATTY MOTHERFUCKING SIMCOX! That's right, Samantha's gorgeous mom is the original high-school yearbook nerd. She went from wearing Dean-o prescribed sultry one-pieces to poodle skirts, hair ribbons and goodie two-shoes in, oh, only the greatest movie ever made. We have a secret famous mom on our hands people. Alert the media. Alert Lorenzo Lamas' kids: tell them to ditch the reality show for a second and send this link to their dad. His on-screen love-interest never looked so good.


klarebella said...

PATTYYYYYY LOVE Samantha and LOVE Susan!

jean said...

OH MY GAWD! I thought Patty Simcox was so funny. Wasn't she Lorenzo lamas prom date in the movie and I think she ended up with toilet paper all over her in a dance sequence LOL! You're right its the greatest musical ever made.
Susan Buckner's absolutely gorgeous and thanks to Samantha for sharing her family scoop with us.