Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The easy rider

It's a big day at MMTSI headquarters. Reader Lauren Silvers sent in this picture of her mom. And it turns out that's mom my too! My FANTASY mom. Details, people: the chunky wooden choker necklace, the bell bottoms, the 6 pack, the sports bra, the vintage motorbike. Who is this woman and how can I crawl into her ripped, road-warrior womb without it being weird?

I'll settle for recreating the 70's head scarf: Fold a scarf in half into a triangle and align it with your hairline. Tie it tight at the back of your neck and afix with bobby pins so it doesn't blow off while your motoring in the desert wind.


L said...

Forget her being my mom! I just want to BE her!

miki said...

take a look at her shoes, then take a look at these... look familiar?



I have a feeling she'd look stunnig in a garbage bag. To cool for school. What's in the front of her pants?