Thursday, November 12, 2009

Evidence of an Icon


Edith Layton, the celebrated romance novelist, made a career of writing about men falling at the feet of beautiful woman. There is no question she wrote from experience. Lets talk about the bright red velvet lipstick/sleek black hair combination. Rose McGowan, pay attention: this is how it's done.
And don't get me started on the shirt/lamp combination. Woman knows how to pose for a picture.


Another picture of Ms. Layton --this time in a patchwork skirt that puts my bed-quilt to shame. (You hear that bed-quilt? Don't think your not replaceable. I'm only 2 subway trains from a Target.)

Proud daughter Susie Felber writes: These pics are from the 70's -- she'd already had 3 kids (and she didn't start early) but she's still smokin' (literally too, she did Taryton's which she quit in the 80's).

Read more about Edith's work. Her final novel was published last week. Also read Susie's loving memorial to her mom, who passed away recently.


Bev said...

In the first picture she looks an awfullot like Kathleen Hanna! Beautiful.

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