Monday, November 2, 2009

Hair-story: the shaggy mullet

Piper just became a fan of: Lacy Tobias's mom's haircut. Mrs. Tobias' 1981 trim may look effortless (everything does when you have a baby hanging off your shoulder). But turns out it takes mad work to maintain. So I asked MMTSI resident hair guru (and fashion icon daughter) Siobhan Benson of Taylor Taylor Salon in London to share tricks to getting and keeping this vintage look.

THE CUT: Ask a the hair dresser for a shaggy mullet, and tell her to have no mercy.

TO STYLE: If you hair is naturally curly then you might just have to bump(yes I said it, bump) a few areas with a curling iron and brush it out to create a feathered look. If you don't have naturally curly hair I suggest a perm on small rods, or you could do a straight variation of the same cut that would probably turn out like Jane Fonda's "Klute" haircut!

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Nikki said...

My mom had this hair for years!!! Thanks for the laugh, and the reminder, she always had/has great hair!!!