Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hair-story: she bangs

Lizz Ehrenpreis sent in this photo of her mom from my favorite time period: late seventies/early eighties. Can we have a moment of silence for this hairstyle? I want to kidnap it and brainwash it into thinking I'm the only person who will ever love it. But instead, I asked Lizz to get her mom to share the back-story on the cut.

"It was 1982 and this haircut was the epitome of style. Slight lift of color, aka sun lightened, (from a bottle of course), and the shag hair cut with the perm on top for lots of fluff and curl. I think I had it cut at Christopher's in Corona Del Mar as Christopher was my stylist for ten plus years. My insistence on the straight bang was not my stylist's choice but my own particular signature as a fashion icon."

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