Friday, November 20, 2009

I now pronounce this BRIDAL DAY at MMTSI

This Sunday, November 22nd is my parent's 394th anniversary (plus or minus a few years). When they got hitched in Queens, NY in 1970, my mother wore a snow white angora sweater dress with princess sleeves and pearl buttons down the center which could be conveniently buttoned up in the presence of a rabbi.

Trying on the dress was my second favorite thing to do when my parents left me alone in the apartment as a teenager. (Smoking extra skinny Capri menthols out the bathroom window was probably #1).

The dress is like a warm glove with the cleavage cupping strength of an actual hand. I wish to god I could post a picture but my parents had a friend take their wedding photos to save cash. Said friend was rumored to be stoned or just high on love because he forgot to turn the flash on and managed to capture only one or two pictures-- mostly of my dad's lamb-chop beard. Trust me on this. It's the best wedding dress ever.

A close second are the assortment of killer bridal dresses submitted by readers. So in honor of my parent's anniversary, today is officially My Mom the Bride Day. MAZEL TOV!

*the above photo is a dramatization of my parents wedding. hired models mick and bianca jagger are stand-ins for the real thing. (photo by Express/Getty Images via Judging is For Lovers)


jean said...

Mazel Tov to your parents on their wedding anniversary! Your Mom's wedding dress sounds like something beautiful from Anna Sui.

P.S. Bianca in that YSL suit is an epic image and the outfit wouldn't look out of place today. Anything YSL for that matter.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I think you need to take a photo of YOU in the dress, then, so we can see it! Sounds like it rocks.