Monday, November 16, 2009

I think a cartoon bird just flew onto my computer screen

Flush your Abilify down the toilet (or give it to that kindly homeless man on your corner) because all you need is this picture to be joy-filled.
My best friend Ryan's mom is not only bursting with natural beauty, she's got some serious Fleetwood Mac style. And that, my friends, is the highest compliment this here blogger can give.

Her choker is giving me ideas: I may just have a 90's party on my neck. If I can find a thick black velvet ribbon from a stationary store, I could pin a cameo broach from my grandmother to the center of it. Kinda like this. P.S. I'm pretty sure you have to be over 18 to look at that velvet choker website-- who knew?

1 comment:

Ryan Green said...

Hi Mom!

My mom doesn't wear chokers anymore, but she's still totally gorgeous and stylish.