Thursday, November 12, 2009

My mom, the bride: the reusable dress

Meet Jana, 22. Although I've no plans to wed in the near future, I'd like to borrow her Jessica McClintock Gunne Saxe dress with lace princess sleeves. And there's a chance she'd lend it me.
I'll let my friend Erin Brown do the 'splaining: "My aunt Joni re-used that wedding dress the next year when she got married. It is still in perfect condition. My Mom married my dad Jon Brown, who was 27 at the time [EDITOR'S NOTE: And clearly a badass] in 1976 in Fairbanks, Alaska on a boat in a park called Alaskaland. They met while working on the pipeline, got married and I popped out about 7 months later. Tricky math!" Tricky indeed.

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