Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not your father: Celebrity edition

Heidi Everhart sent me this picture of her stunning Ingrid Bergman lookalike mom Margaret W. Everhart, with actor James Garner in Hollywood, circa 1952.
How is it that her mom got to meet up with the old version of Ryan Gosling in "The Notebook"? The right question is how did HE get to meet HER--the lucky bastard. See, she had won "The Most Beautiful Ears In The World" contest, and was flown out to Hollywood to meet with stars and do a photo shoot.
Waa, waa wait, did you say ears? Yes, ears. Take a closer look...

Perfectly shell-shaped and delicately peachy, right?

Now have a look at Mr. Garner's ear.

Not even close.

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Larissa said...

You are hilarious!(As are those Garner-pancake ears)