Sunday, November 1, 2009

This mom is driving me to madness

I just lost an entire Sunday trolling the internet in vain for a picture of Shirley Maclaine in the last scene of "Terms of Endearment". The first time I saw that movie I cried. The second time I became obsessed with the black dress Maclaine's character wears to Deborah Winger's funeral. (Why yes, I do have a heart made of stone).

Point is it's the EXACT same dress as the one worn by Roxanne Clark's mom in the above photo. And it's on a special hanger in the fantasy closet in my mind.

Roxanne writes: "This is a picture of my mom in the 1970s next to her Nissan Z. California girl at heart here she is in one of her more conservative outfits. By the way, I'm still searching for that necklace!"

You take the necklace, I'll take the dress and we'll call it even, K?

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Laney said...

I don't think that's a Nissan Z, ladies. CAMARO.