Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And baby makes fabulous

Rebbecca Sweeney submitted this picture of her stylish mom, Florence, holding her sister in 1970 at Christmastime. As you hunt for gifts for loved ones this year, strongly consider getting them all DVD's at Rite Aid and then hitting up vintage clothing stores for the shirt off Florence's back. It's a little bit Ravi
Shankar and a little bit mistletoe, which by my calculations (frantic typing on smoking computer) adds up to George Harrison! Also if you're lucky enough to have a baby, make sure you take Florence's cue and match the damn thing with your outfit.

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Sarah Loyd said...

Oddly enough, my great grandmother's name was Florence Sweeney. And she had some kickin' pantsuits. But in 1970 she would have been way too old to have a baby!