Monday, December 14, 2009

The Bogota street snapper strikes again!

Remember waaaay back three posts ago, (is it me or were things easier back then?) Erick's mom introduced us to Columbia's harmless psychopath--a street urchin who'd snap pictures of stylish women and then charge them for it. Kind of a genius get rich quick scheme. Dibs, NYC residents!
Anyway Erick's mom wasn't the only swindled model.

Mayra Herrera writes: "When I first saw and read of Erick Cifuentes's mother's pictures I immediately was reminded of a picture of my grandparents. They too are walking down a street in Bogota, Colombia some time in the sixties! I always wondered why they had decided to take a picture in such manner but never thought to ask my dad or my grandparents themselves. After reading your entry I was sure that it must have also been taken in the same fashion. After, finally, asking my dad he repeated the same story of the random man and the receipt. Now, speaking of style, I have to say my grandmother sure knew how to pick a coat. I love how the lovely coat is adorned with large buttons and with leopard print trim on the collar and pockets. If only she still had it...."

Hmm. I wonder where on earth that coat is? I'm looking at you, Bogota photographer.

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