Friday, December 18, 2009

FOUND! My mom's wedding dress picture

Recap for those who'd rather not READ THIS POST: my parents' wedding photographer was toasted and ended up snapping only a few, very dark, very artsy shots of them on their big day in 1970. The man has no idea the repercussions of his stoney baloney: brides across the world were deprived of pictures of my mom's ANGORA SWEATER WEDDING DRESS.
Anyway I managed to dig up one picture of my parents saying their vows in anticipation of an in-yo-face intentional glass stomping. Being Jewish has some serious perks peeps.

You can't really get the whole sense of her dress but here's a glimmer of its snowflakey fluffer-nutter Dr. Zhivago awesomeness.

BONUS FUN FACT: My mom's name is Marilyn and my dad's name is Monroe. no joke. and you thought you had a soulmate. HA!


Out Of Order Design said...

gorgeous gorgeous! She's soo pretty! And you can kinda see the fuzziness of that dress in the pic, yum!

and boo on the wedding photog! What self-respecting man can't do his job while intoxicated? I thought that was a recent excuse ;]

Piper Weiss said...

hahah! isn't she kind of somethin' special. my pop ain't too bad himself. i love his lambchops

sew said...

The dress is gorgeous and so is our Mom. Wow, this photo is so romantic.

Nicki said...

I just started reading your blog...its great! Your mom is beautiful!! Wow

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