Saturday, December 19, 2009

If this blog were the movie Grease...

...and it might be, we're still waiting for the test results-- then Meital Agnatovski's mom would play FRENCHIE.

She was the character with the revolving door of incredibly high and colorful hairstyles. Meital's mom tried it all and pulled it off flawlessly...

from the very high... the very long and accessorized (that's pretty much a brooch for your hair, class) the very pompadoured. Correct if I'm wrong but I don't think that's a hat on her head. the fabulously curled and cone-shaped.

Unlike Frenchie, Meital's gorgeous mom is no beauty school dropout. She's a Barbizon Phi Beta Kappa. Take that Frankie Avalon.

*For a real "Grease" cast-member, check out MMTSI's resident star, the original Patti Simcox.


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