Sunday, December 27, 2009

JUST THE WAY IT WAS: 1959 folklore

Melissa's mom and dad fell in love in a parallel universe-- aka Europe in the late 50's, early 60's. Based on her description their world applied the same logic found in my deepest nicotine patch dreams.
Exhibit A:
At first glance, Melissa's parents look like any spirited beatnick youngsters who may or may not know how to play the dulcimer. But take a closer look at her mom's shoes. Says Melissa: "the bows would come off and inside each bow was a little tube of lipstick in a colour that was complimentary with the lovely orange/green/yellow hues of the dress.'" THAT'S CRAZY TALK.

Onto Exhibit B:

Here her parents (dad with guitar, mom whispering in his ear) are gathered at a train station with their crew of music-maker pals. But this was no ordinary train station jaunt. They were gathered to bid bon voyage to Melissa's uncle (with the sideburns). He was off to Frankfurt Germany to follow his dream of becoming a famous folksinger. Alas, (and alack) Frankfurt was the 1959 folk equivalent of Nashville's country scene. WOWZA.

Next you're going to to tell me it was a time when mimes were considered sex symbols. Oh.


smilla said...

This is a wonderful blog, just found it, and put it right away in my reader. Greeeaaat!

MMTSI said...

thanks that's awesome! got any mom pics you want to share?

Nicole said...

LIPSTICK IN YOUR SHOE BOWS. That is genius. Pure and utter genius.