Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lady in reeeeeed

Message to Erin Klauk's mom: TAKE ME TO YOUR DRESSMAKER. Her mod frock is valley of the doll-icious (see what i did there?)
So I asked Poor Cute Girl blogger Colleen Kluttz--the savviest retro online shopper I know-- to find some knockoffs on the world wide internet! Here's what she found in 3 minutes and 26 seconds:

This little number from ModCloth by the designer Marmalade. It's about $170. (oh I forgot to tell you, you owe me about $200 from the thing I did, with the thing for you)

She also uncovered Norman Bates' mom's rotting carcass in an attic. Coincidentally, wearing a Marc Jacobs dress that's kind of like Erin's mom's. It's going for $349 on ebay. But don't settle until they agree to throw in the mannequin of horror.

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