Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Queen Esther, Muse

My friend Jessica Rotter designs the coolest retro-inspired shirts this side of earth. Where'd she get her inspiration for Rotter and Friends? Well there's Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt and OH THIS LADY

JESS WRITES: "My mom Esther is pretty magical. Even though she dressed me like I was forty years old, when I was actually six (people thought I was the teacher in my kindergarten school picture), SHE never left the house short of glamorous."

"I always loved her look in the 70's which was a true highlight in her life personally as she was living in Tel-Aviv cutting roses, greeting the Red Sea breeze, and listening to Cats Stevens' Foreigner Suite LP on repeat. Mom was Yisrael obsessed and this was a definite high time in her life and style. While my aunt had a poster of hotty Robert Redford up in their shared room, my mother had one of an Israeli soldier crying. Um, woah!"

"Mom says one of her favorite labels she wore head to toe was a line called Crazy Horse, which you can actually find once in a while these days at a Williamsburg Street fair. Today mom is rarely seen without wearing Rotter and Friends these days and I can totally see her rocking the tees while dancing in a Jerusalem club to Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4", which makes me smile."

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