Saturday, December 19, 2009

Show n' Tell

It's another Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody but Cat Stevens and a snowstorm. What a great opportunity to show off some of the groovy accessories I've dragged from my mother's possession of late. I'm sorry Momma (and Eminem and Tipper Gore), but tonight I'm cleaning out mom's closet.

Quick, hold your laptop up to a mirror (or scoot to Home Depot and then install a mirror directly across from your desktop) and read this label from a ribbed nylon shirt my mom got from Saks in the early 80's. That's no false advertising. The form-fitting blouse is very "Working Girl" (however it's not averse to mixing business with pleasure). It's got some sharp shoulder pads and snaps at the crotch. Actually I could do with out that second design element but I'd like to think of it as a time capsule.

Next up: this dreamy cameo ring that passed from my aunt to my mom before I stole it. It's my favorite ring ever. P.S. my camera's not working so I'm using my Mac's PhotoBooth--which ends up looking kind of profile picturesque. Not that I'd know HA! I just looked over someone else's shoulder who used to internet date. So sad for them!

Next up is this awesome lace collar you're supposed to drape around your shoulders and tie like a scarf at your neck. Good news ladies, you don't need to be ordained to wear this collar--though it's only 10 bucks on the internet so it's not really a big hardship you cheap bastards.

Me again. Oh hey, I'm sorry I snapped at you. Can we be friends?
So I prefer to turn the collar into a bib. Got a frock or a blouse that need's baby-fying? There's a scarf for that! It's also machine washable for people who can't help but dribble food when they eat. Now I'm over-sharing.

Warning: the next photo contains crazy eyes.

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