Friday, December 11, 2009

The tiara veil: a user's guide

Coleen Ryan Cunningham submitted this killer wedding photo of her mom and pop in 1959. Don't even get me started on their his n' her eye-wear. But let's take a quick lesson in tiara veils from the 50's. Apparently, they were a big deal.

For brides on the hunt for a vinatage tiara veil nowadays, there are a few golden rules.
1) KEEP THEM AWAY FROM CATS. They're super delicate and easy to rip. Most of them were made from silk tulle in the 50's. So if you buy a vintage model it may melt in your hand, not on your head.
2) VIRGINS NEED NOT APPLY. Most vintage tiara veils aren't pure white. You'll have more luck finding them in ivory or a faded yellowish white. So don't expect to be advertising your chastity with one of these tribal headpieces.
3) HANDS OFF COLEEN'S MOM'S STUFF. You can buy your own on the internets for a little more than $100. RubyLane has some good options. Check this one out. And this one.
4) GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. If you do buy one of these veils, I expect an invitation to your wedding. I prefer fish to chicken, if there's a choice.

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