Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crazy Heart Breaker: Mrs. Bridges

Sure Jeff Bridges won a Golden Globe for "Crazy Heart" on Sunday. But the real winner was his wife Susan Geston who lived out my dream of being publicly heralded by a man with a white, fully-formed beard.

Put down your pencils and look at her: she's Catherine Denueve meets Romancing the Stone era Kathleen Turner. (see photo above via Hollywood Reporter)

A little recon work tells me they met while he was making the film "Rancho Deluxe" in 1974-- a year I would like to be morphed into a black hole through which I could fall. (preposition overload alert)

Here's what the burliest sex machine who ever lived (Jeff) wrote about the moment he laid eyes on her:
"She was doing whatever needed to be done at the ranch, and I noticed her right away. Not only was she beautiful, she had a broken nose and two black eyes. I had this fantasy that she'd been beaten up by a boyfriend and that I was going to save her."


I have spent two hours trying to find pictures of their 1977 wedding to no avail so you'll have to settle for this awesome 1983 picture of the Bridges clan from Life Magazine.

Sweatpants tucked into boots: don't try this at home kids. This is for trained professionals who look like Mrs. Bridges only.


Nicole said...

Jeff Bridges. I am your girlfriend. Maybe not, but he is one nice glass of water.

Check out my blog for my study of Sophia Loren and waxing poetic about inner beauty.


Alexa said...

I saw him on Inside the Actor's Studio a few years ago talking about meeting her. Not only did she have two black eyes, but he apparently asked her out repeatedly and she said no. During one of those unsuccessful attempts, a friend took a photo of them. Since they got married he keeps that photo in his wallet. It shows him talking to her, and her looking very uncomfortable. I fell in love with him when he showed the photo.

MMTSI said...

i need that photo. god love the woman with the strength to turn down a 1974 jeff bridges...more than once. i think she deserves a purple heart

prashant said...

that is one adorable mom in one FABULOUS coat!

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Meredith said...


here they are dressed up in '78. whata beard!

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Anonymous said...

she was a sexy boom ... now she is another near-death old fag. How sad...

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Not only did she have two black eyes, but he apparently asked her out repeatedly and she said no.

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