Friday, January 8, 2010

Cruise control

I'm impressed with Alla Ivnitskaya's fabulous mom-- shown here on a cruise in the 70's-- for the following reasons:
-Her ability to over accessorize (purses, scarves and hat, oh my!)without looking like she's over-accessorized,
-her poise in 10 pound platform shoes,
-her ability to pack light,
-oh and this: "In the former USSR there was such a concept as finding an item of clothing, because the stores were pretty empty and often the nicer things came in quantities of one or were brought in from overseas and sold on markets or through friends. My mom once "found" a pair of red gloves, to which my grandmother, who was a seamstress sewed a matching coat."

What I wouldn't give for a mom who sewed entire outfits.*

*Talented Mommy Seamstresses Wanted for Blogger Adult Child: Send applications via email. Deadline 2011.


aLLa said...

So glad this made it here, one correction though, these pics were taken in 1973. :)

Nicole said...

Those shoes, those shoes!!!!

MMTSI said...

alla! thanks for the correction. just made it! you're mom is amazing and also, clearly, timeless

Anonymous said...

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