Friday, January 29, 2010

If you like pina coladas

Anne-Marie Kovacs's mom Suzanne makes me think of that song. And that's a good thing.

The year is 1965 (Singer/Songwriter Rupert Holmes is still a wayward teen) and Suzanne is basking in the Laurentians sun in Quebec, Canada with little more than a few grains of straw to cover up her parts. Hello, hip-accentuating short shorts: wear me next please.

While I have you're attention, Rupert Holmes (yes, I know you have a google alert on your name), I'd like to respond to your query.

-I like Pina Coladas, but more than one makes me vom.
-Getting caught in the rain is okay as long as I'm not wearing jeans.
-I've tried to be into yoga, but who am I kidding.
-I have more than half a brain, but thanks for setting the bar so low.
-Making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape sounds good if it's with the right person and I've been sprayed with Lyme tick repellant. Also if we're gonna do this I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't call it "making love".


Nicole said...

I am actually the exact opposite of everything in that song. I would have been totally undateable in the 70's, were it not for my penchant (alas, hasn't happened for a while) for Afternoon Delight.

Great blog, you always make me laugh!

MMTSI said...

haha thanks nicole. you should post your own response direct response to holmes' query (ie, no i dont like pina colads). the man needs to know.