Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's bring back: elbow-length gloves

It's a new year, so can we all just agree that it's not in anyway affected or even Hot Topic-y to wear elbow length satin gloves on a formal night out? Just look at a young Judy Posch --gorgeous mom of my bestie Brooke Posch. Doesn't she just make you want to run out and sign up for ballroom dancing lessons?
The bad news is wearing white indoor gloves is the kind of fashion commitment that will exclude you from doing things you might want to do like: dipping shrimp in cocktail sauce, petting a black kitten, sketching your crush's profile with a piece of charcoal when they're not looking, or sinking your hands in a bowl of 'brain' noodles during a haunted house tour.
The good news is it's fucking cold on the East Coast and elbow length wool and leather gloves are making a major outerwear accessories comeback.

Here are a few to consider:
These red lambskin gloves, $150 from, for when you want to put out your hand at a party and say "charmed I'm sure".

These fringey things from ($255), for when you want a little fringe benefit. (ha! puns are cool)

These $20 black gloves from, for when you don't want to spend a lot of money but still feel deserving of warm elbows.

And these strange red gloves from, when you need to pet a boy in a plastic bubble.

P.S. Don't these gloves make you sad?

Me too.


Andrea said...

I've been trying to think of an excuse to wear elbow length gloves indoors for years! This is a look that definitely needs to make a comeback.

Nicole said...

I wore elbow gloves at my wedding. They were great, except for the ring exchange. Then I felt strangely like a stripper, peeling off my gloves. A prudish stripper.

Prthead said...

Wow! I wonder if my mom (pictured above) did what we all do when trying on gloves? Giving the middle finger. Is that the universal way of making sure a glove fits? Too bad we couldn't see her white GoGo boots she had on too.