Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mom's style secret: the crinoline

POP QUIZ: How does Nina Boyett's mom's skirt stay so perky?
a) sheer will
b) three toy-sized men on treandmills stationed at different points on her hemline
c) a giant skirt bra ....DING DING DING!
The whale bone-lined, netted slip (which you can still find on the internet) was a staple of 60's poodle skirts and 80's cindy lauper costumes. It provided structure, bounce and most of all poof.* Perfect for grabbing the eye of a young solider.
Not that Nina's gorgeous mom had trouble getting attention.
"My dad was in the Air Force and met my mom at an airbase just outside of Tokyo in the early ‘60s. I have always thought of my mom as a fashionista. While my mom was in college she worked at the Chanel counter and to this day is very wary of less than par cosmetics.Their wedding photo (below) was taken at a friend’s house - they got married through the American Consulate."

* Skirt poof is not to be confused with Snookie-inspired hair poof. Also an attention getter.

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Genesis said...

Beautiful. Photos like that are my fashion inspiration.