Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Mom the Bride: six times a charm

Patrick Mahoney's mom was so strikingly beautiful I thought I'd seen her a Hitchcock movie. Turns out, her life was more interesting than any movie. Nobody in Avatar (spoiler alert) was married more times than James Cameron. This golden sheath was her 6th and final wedding dress.

Patrick writes: "I was 8 years old. I love the seaweed thing in her hair. It was 1968. That's Santa Barbara at the Ambassador Hotel overlooking the beach where she and Johnny honeymooned. He wore a black suit. They remained happily married for 20 years till Johnny passed away."

Here she is in the 40's, well before her golden walk down the aisle.
"She married young and traveled a great deal after being widowed. She met some amazing people. I always thought she was a combination of Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, Grace Kelly and Auntie Mame. After several adventures, some embarrassing moments and "hitting bottom", she had a spiritual awakening in a jail cell in Santa Barbara in 1958 and joined A.A. She spent her life raising my brother and I, working, and falling in and out of love. She was an amazing and powerful public speaker, sharing her recovery from addiction and her life in recovery. She died in 1988. I am so blessed to have had such a great mother."

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Dith said...

She is soooo beautiful in a Hithcock heroine kind of way. No offense to Marilyn, but she might be my favorite so far.