Monday, February 8, 2010

Lets bring back the following...

1. Lady head scarves. If we were in the animal kingdom, the headscarf blowing in the wind would be a flag for other animals to know adventure awaits. Also it's a sign you just had your hair did

2. Men who wear fedoras like it's their job-- because they're fucking gondola drivers. Ashlee Simpson, Monsieur Buble, and The Jonas Three (what they'd be called if they were a band in the 50's) what's your excuse?

3. Our own vintage childhood clothing. Like Fire blogger Lisa Peet sent in this killer vacation pic with her mom, Rhoda (my future child's name) in Venice in 1966. She writes: "Don't I wish I had a stylin' red coat like that again." She's not alone. This weekend I went shopping at my parents' house and went back to Brooklyn with 2 vintage Ralph Lauren blouses from my prep school pre-teendom. They must have been huge on me then slash I'm an underdeveloped 31 year old, because after a little dry-cleaning they fit like new and they are way Sylvia Plath era stylish. I also snagged a bomber jacket from when I was 12 and obsessed with "Empire of the Sun" ("I can bring anyone back, anyone" is my "donna martin graduates"). It's brown leather and has faux patches that imply I flew planes in WWI. That got me thinking of an idea: SEND ME PICTURES OF CLOTHES YOU WORE AS A KID THAT YOU WISH YOU STILL FIT INTO. It's a little spin-off idea I'll call, I WAS A CHILD STYLE ICON


Nicole said...

Headscarves should come back, they rock. Also, I have absolutely no clothes that I would wear again. I cry a little whenever I see pictures of me in my acid wash skinny jeans with matching jacket.

I linked to you, as I was writing about Pina Coladas:

MMTSI said...

yayayay! thanks nicole! ok that is a hilarious post! love your blog