Sunday, February 14, 2010

MOMS IN LOVE: Valentine's Day Edition

Dana Dalrymple: "Here are my parents in 1964 soon after they were married. They were apparently successfully hunting jackrabbits, but in matching white jeans, white shoes, and plaid shirts. They're the most stylish hunters I think I've seen."

Reese Moore: "70's Camping Chic courtesy of Patsy's white Keds and thigh-baring white shorts and dad Terry's amazing green short shorts and sexy sock action. Further evidence that BOTH my parents are style icons."

Emily Yanez: "This is actually my Grandmother Marion Gilchrist standing with my Grandfather Grover Gilchrist not long after they started dating at the age of 15 or 16. I always felt like this was a secret glimpse into a part of my grandmother that I never knew. Sure, she smiled and was happy, but in this photo she looks confidant, but like she is in on a secret with my grandfather that no one else in the world knows. When I was a little girl I remember looking at this photo and thinking that this is what true love must look like...just really really happy and glamorous. It was something that I never saw from my own mother and father and something that I always aspired to have someday. I still have this photo up in my house today and after meeting my boyfriend, sometimes I see pictures of myself and catch that same look on my face just like my grandma has in this picture...a sign perhaps?"

Gene Day writes: "These are my grandparents Thomas Day and Laura Ponton at Milford Lodge, where they met in the late 1940's (after WWII)."

Tara von Andreae's parents: "Claire and Mike in the early 70's. They were actually on their way to a funeral but I guess newlyweds look happy all the time."

Jana Orsolic's parents on their wedding day in 1976, in Serbia: "Mom wearing Mirjana Maric (at that time big shot local designer) dress made of thin white leather. She used to say that it was so comfy and soft. Dark dark hair, lovely pale skin, dusty rosy roses, big pearly stud earrings. How I love these two."

Emma Johnson's parents on their honeymoon in Mexico in 1984: "This might be the worst picture I've ever seen of my usually very handsome father (the one time he experiments with his hair and he ends up with a mini-mullet?), but Mom looks breezy and beachy and very tanned."

MOM STILL IN LOVE BONUS PHOTO: Emma Johnson's parents 20 years later in Italy...


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Scarlett said...

This picture makes me so happy... Patsy and Terry are still married and in love 39 years after this picture was taken :)

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