Thursday, February 11, 2010

A tribute to Alexander McQueen

(Photo by Dan Chung/ Courtesy of The Guardian)
Designer Alexander McQueen died today. The fashion innovator was no doubt inspired by his own mom, Joyce (pictured above), who passed away earlier this month.
She actually interviewed her son Alexander for an article published in The Guardian in 2004.
Here is an excerpt:
JM: What is your most terrifying fear?
AM: Dying before you.
JM: Thank you, son. What makes you proud?
AM: You.
Click here to read the entire interview. It's kind of amazing.

I spent some time scrolling through McQueen's body of work-- what struck me was how his looks simultaneously worked on two plains: the past and the future. In this Fall 2006 Paris runway look he manages to wrap up an entire era that's past and one that's still being imagined in his own mind.

(Photo by Eric Ryan/Getty Images)

It reminded me of a photo submitted to MMTSI by Melissa Smith Mallery

Her mom Linda Smith, in the early 80's, cast a preemptive nod to McQueen and his future impact on fashion.

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