Friday, February 26, 2010

You're so vain-glorious

It was a big news day for me. One of my celebrity mom style icons, Carly Simon, revealed who her song "You're So Vain" was probably, most likely, 95 percent sure, about: DAVID GEFFEN.

It was an even bigger day for Warren Beatty who the world will no longer picture when the song plays in the back of a taxi cab.

It's a little anti-climactic if you ask me. I was hoping for a Malcom McDowell or a even a James Taylor who Carly spent years with, and who I've also heard has a really big dong. Just P to the S to the F.Y.I.

God I love news.


Nicole said...

1) I love love love Carly Simon

2) That is somewhat anticlimatic. Why do you think she finally came out with it? Maybe so that Warren Beatty's ego would not be constantly pumped up ("Hey, that song's about me!")

3) Really about the big dong?

jean said...

I love Carly Simon too but she's being a bit naughty again.According to a Vanity Fair online piece she's denying any reference to David Geffen.The mystery goes on LOL!

Piper Weiss said...

oh god. what other david could it be?

david lee roth?david crosby?davy jones? SPILL IT CARLY

Re: JT: I have no qualitative or quantitative proof. I dont even remeber where I heard it from but rest assured my trusty brain trapped that piece of info it's it's matter. So sue me. actually, please don't Mr. Taylor

Anonymous said...

Wasn't David Geffen gay though? Hmmm...

jean said...

I thought Geffen was the ex husband of Carole King until my smart monkey brother told me she was married to Gerry Goffin.A lot of Gs in there including Gay of which David is.
Latest David surfacing in this 'Vain' enigma is a very young & camp Bowie.
LOL Carly Simon's really milking this to the bone the sly and still hot vixen!

MMTSI said...

david bowie would make me like the song less. of course he's vain, that's his thing and it's awesome.
im leaning towards david crosby. pre- melissa etheridge baby

RoseAG said...

Although David Geffen is now filthy rich, he's much less exciting than Warren Beatty.

And I agree that I thought he is gay.

Maybe he wasn't at the time, or maybe she was writing something about someone who had a lot of power in the music business. Somehow that's not the image I ever got of CS.