Friday, March 26, 2010

Breaking: Russia

I get a lot of letters from readers of this blog. Mostly from prisoners. Mostly in response to my letters requesting their hands in marriage. But the biggest request I get by far is: MORE INTERNATIONAL POLICY ANALYSIS. So this post is dedicated to our newly signed arms control treaty with Russia.

This photo of Fira Remennik, submitted by her granddaughter Marina, was taken shortly after the end of World War II in Moscow. Says Marina: "While pregnant, she stayed in Moscow during the Hitler invasion and had a baby, my uncle, in a starved and devastated city. She had no help from her relatives since the rest of the family was evacuated to remote regions of Russia. After the war was over, she travelled a long way across the literally destroyed country to deliver permission documents to her in-laws so they could return to Moscow. Her courage paired with style makes her a wonderful example of Grandma, the style icon."
So in conclusion: less arms, more hats.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! This is my grandmother :)

Scarlett said...

i love EVERYTHING about this post!!!!