Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cat-eyes, Dumbledore and hot aunts, oh my!

Pop quiz: Am I the only human incapable of finding satisfactory sunglasses? Sure I have a budget of $6 but still, I'm starting to think I should have been around in the 60's. That was the renaissance period for ladies glasses both prescriptive and sun-blocking. Caitlin O'Mahony's vixen aunt models a variation on the cat-eye look. (I think I may have found her exact pair on ebay. Check it out.)

Anyway, Caitlin provided me with some bonus gossip that will interest Harry Potter fans, and subscribers to the Royal Shakespeare Quarterly:
"[My Aunt] once met the famous Irish actor Richard Harris, star of Camelot and the original Dumbledore before he died, who tried to get her into bed! Alas, she was not to be coerced and he did not succeed. This photo was taken back home in Ireland in the 60s I believe. To me, her high style seems a fabulous contrast to the old stone walls behind her as she lounges in the sun."
You heard it here first!


Philip said...

That's beautiful. Picture is great and a cracking story well told.

Rosie Unknown said...

I love the shorts!

Scarlett said...

What a fantastic story!

Anonymous said...

She is just gorgeous! And what a saucy story!