Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm dancing barefoot (so don't look under my feet, they're a mess)

(photo:lynn goldsmith)
(photo: claude gassian)
(photo: Thomas Weschler)

(photo: lynn goldsmith/corbis)
Usually, when I read about schizophrenics, people with Aspergers or OCD, or Hypomania, or depression, or toxic shock syndrome, or catscratch fever, I end up thinking: I'M LIKE THEM.

Today I had the good fortune of feeling that way about one of my ultimate mom style icons: Patti Smith. NY Times' fashion arbiter Ruth La Ferla dedicated an article in praise of Smith's unique style. Okay, so Smith is wearing an Ann Demeulemeester jacket and boots given to her by Johnny Depp during the interview. And I, currently, am not.

But it's Patti who confesses "I decide ...whether I want to comb my hair... When my mother would say, ‘You should shave your legs,’ I would ask, ‘Why?’ I didn’t understand why we had to present a different picture of ourselves to the outside world.” La Ferla also discusses how Patti "refined her expertise, combing the Salvation Army store in Camden, N.J., near her home." (Jersey folks, check it out)

So today, I'm feeling not like I have meningitis, but Patti Smith's general sensibility when it comes to grooming. Praise the lord. It seems that her daughter, Jesse, who sometimes accompanies her mom on piano, has taken some style cues from the icon, as well.

Note the shruggy vest, with haphazardly placed accessories and scruffy black hair, on both Smith ladies. I have never been so available for adoption in my life.

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Beth said...

I love Patti Smith. I went through a Patti Smith style stage in college but since I am short and curvy the cool androg look just made me look kind of dumpy.
BTW-I have mild's fun. It gives you an excuse not to talk to people who annoy you.