Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The ultimate family heirloom

I thought when I started working from home full-time to write this book I'd start taking those vitamins i spent $50 bucks on 2 years ago. I'd maintain a clean, dish-less sink. I'd shower in the middle of the day, but I would shower. I'd join a food co-op and prepare macrobiotic meals in a big stew pot. I'd by fresh herb plants and not kill them with neglect. And I'd wear jeans and cuddly sweaters all the time.
So far I've only lived up to the last item on the list.
But Suzanne Levine lived the entire dream. Her daughter Faythe tells me this picture was taken by her dad Rick Levine before she was born, in 1976.
"My mom was living in Minneapolis, was a macrobiotic foodie, and made part of her income growing sprouts in her basement. Then she met my dad and got married 3 months later. She now runs an organic dairy in Washington State with her husband. To this day she is one of my biggest inspirations. I believe she isn't only a style icon, but an icon for living a healthy happy life. As you can tell, I'm a fan."

She's such a fan, the lucky Faythe carries on her mom's legacy of chunky, cuddly sweaters. "For kicks I am also attaching a photo of me in the same sweater that she recently gave me when I found it in her closet. I have the best memories of her wearing it when I was a kid and couldn't believe it was hanging there for me to take home."


Philip said...

A really fantastic pair of photos, your blog could be summed up by those two photos side by side. Thanks for the blog - I love seeing a new post pop up for me to read/look at, always brightens my day.

Piper Weiss said...

aw shucks, thanks philip. you just brightened my day.

Beth said...

I love both these photos. As a child of the 70's I really feel the vibe. Makes me think of carab cookies and warm goat milk.


Warning, shameless self promo...

molly said...

i just love the idea...both yours, and hers, and the reality.