Friday, April 30, 2010


Haven't gotten mom a gift yet? Why not make her something-- like a blog post that tells her how gorgeous you think she is?
For the NEXT WEEK I'll be handing over the reins of this here site to you readers. Submit a vintage photo your mom with a headline and dedication to her and I'll post for you. Then surprise her with the link next Sunday. It's one of those "thought that counts" gifts, though I'd also recommend getting her a flowers too.

Tricia Giedraitis kicks off the dedications with this incredible photo of her mom Alvina (left) with her aunt Annie.
"Taken in the early forties. I so love this shot! My mother's reaction to seeing this shot was, 'Look at those Gams!'"

Mother's day reading in NYC this Sunday!

We all love our moms, most of the time. In preparation for this year's Mother's day, a group of writings are airing their grievances like teenagers. Deal with it.

Come see some of the funniest writers in Brooklyn, and lil ol' me, dish on maternal mishaps, Sunday at 6pm, at Word in Greenpoint.

MOMMA SAID: Lies Our Mothers Told Us (And Some We Wish They Had)
WORD, 126 Franklin St, Brooklyn, New York 11222-2002
Sun, 05/02/2010 - 6:00pm
Featuring: Gabe Delahaye, Jessica Grose, Julie Klausner, Marisa Meltzer, Troy Patterson , Caitlin Roper, Doree Shafrir and Piper Weiss

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Irmy's checkered pants are very impressive. So is her her bob and her triumph over a staring contest with the camera. But daughter Ellen Monroe, isn't surprised. Her mom is one tough cookie. Says Ellen: "My mother, now 72 yrs old, had colon cancer three months ago and is cancer free as of today."

In honor of Mother's Day and kick-ass Mom Cancer Survivors (including my own mom yay!) I'll be Run/Walking with Team Adult Babies this Saturday at the EIF Revlon Run/Walk in NYC. Donations go to the fight against women's cancers. SPONSOR ME HERE. Full disclosure: I will be WALKING. Not running. And likely at a very sluggish pace. I may also have a bloody mary in my hand at all times, but I swear to you I will make it to the finish line before dark.

Still haven't made your own dress yet?

Jerrica Gross's mom whipped this one up out of freaking CURTAINS.
"My mothers name Is Eugenia, but everyone calls her Jennie, I am the youngest of her 7 children She will be sixty years old this July, and she is still beautiful as ever! This photo was taken at her prom, she had sewn this dress and jacket out of curtains.She said she had to make a jacket with it because it was too immodest without one (the dress was sleeveless) oh how times have changed. she was beautiful and sexy without showing too much skin. I can only hope that when I decide to have children I can raise them as good as she raised us."

Want to buy this dress?

You can't. Michelle Straube's mom made it. From scratch for a Christmas party in 1965. Don't you feel lazy now? You should.
So should you gentleman suitors. Her velvet shoes were died green by her husband to match her sash. Talk about romance.

Mom in technicolor

Donna Heinzelmann, from Alpharetta, Georgia, submitted this photo of her mom wearing a flower brooch eons before Carrie Bradshaw.
"In this photo taken in 1945, my Mom, Imogene Brewer, is 18 years old. This was the year she married my Dad! She was approached about being a model but my Dad said "absolutely not!" I like how her hair is styled and she looks so pretty and dressed so smart."

Memo to Apple engineers: I know you guys are dealing with some other stuff right now, but it'd be really great if you could make Photobooth come with a feature where you can give your pictures this technicolor effect. Thanks. Don't sue me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things that remind me of Andrea Silcox's mom

The catalyst: Andrea's flawless mom in San Francisco in the 60's. I would please like to be you. You make me think of...

Jean Seberg

Audrey Hepburn

Celebrities holding celebrity babies

Great Paul McCartney duets. What?

Black and white perfection

Sorry ocean, you've been upstaged

Darlene Jennings submitted this incredible evidence of a swimsuit icon in 1950.
"Ask any of the "Natives" of Myrtle Beach, SC and they will tell you that my mother, Becky Jennings, was one of the most stylish woman of her day. Her name is seldom mentioned that someone doesn't add... She was beautiful.... and I LOVED her clothes! She died much too young at the age of 55 in 1976."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Swap hangover

Last night My Mom The Style Icon and Williamsburg Seamster hosted a very special clothing swap in honor of Mother's Day and $2 beers. It was kind of like playing "store" when you were a kid, only back then I would have called the event "pizzaz" and swapped oily stickers and puffy pencil cases.

Seamstress to the Brooklyn stars Tara (at left) pretty much made it happen. She transformed Legion bar in Williamsburg into a boutique with mirrors, a make-shift changing room and racks for clothes.

I brought a mouth-watering spread of ranch dip, crackers and cheese. I call that cube of cheddar on the beer-drenched booth!

There was mad swapping to be had.

Everyone found something adopt.

Even Tara, who turned my Paula Poundstone standup comedy vest into something actually stylish.

And these folks who were embroiled in some serious swapping espionage.

And my mad pregnant sister.

I got my halloween costume for next year: Comedy legend Gallagher anyone?

At first people were polite and pretending to look at one thing for a while and consider maybe taking it.

But by the end we were filling up shopping carts and rolling out like bag ladies. The beer breath added to the effect. And then...

... this happened. Hey that jacket looks great on you! It's the perfect fit. You should toooootallly get it.
Okay so they can't all be winners, but at least it was all free.

Thanks to everyone who came and Poor Cute Girl for taking pictures. Stay tuned for the Summer Wardrobe Swap coming in a couple of months!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The answer is blowing in the wind

Gretchen Howe's mom Elaine Lausten in the 60's wearing a scarf in a way that needs to be brought back.

LOST: striped dress, whereabouts unknown

Consider this blog post a tree with a xeroxed photo stapled to it. A striped dress, last seen on AnneMarie Luck's mom in 1980, has been missing for decades. But all hope is not lost. If you've seen it in a thrift store or on an adorable twenty-something vintage-hoarder, please call authorities immediately so it can be returned to it's rightful owner, AnneMarie's body.
AnneMarie writes:
"My mom kept lots of her now-vintage clothes for me, but how I wish she had kept this particular outfit – even the bold horizontal stripes couldn’t spoil how lovely she looks. And those shoes – not very practical for feeding ducks with your tiny-tot daughter (that’s me, by the way) but since when are shoes meant to be anything but fabulous? I also love her Farrah-flick hairstyle, although she insists she hates her curly hair and has spent a lifetime trying to get her hair to be straight."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Playtime with Micki

HeathCliff Rothman submitted this picture of his mom, Micki, in a playsuit in the 40's. And to him I tip my hat (also because his name is HeathCliff so that's just what you do). I would like to wear this outfit and not look like Lilly Tomlin playing a 6 year old. But I'm not Micki, by a long shot.

You can check out a few modern versions like the ones below over at Kaboodle.

Also check out mom's spectator shoes. They're kind of like these bad boys.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

That 70's Show, starring...

Emily Fontaine's mom!
"I remember coming across this picture when I was about 14 or 15 and being in complete awe of how laid-back and gorgeous she looks. She grew up in Orange County, CA and completely embodied the "California Girl" with her long blonde hair, golden tan and cut off jean shorts that showed off her legs that went on for days. I'm pretty sure she was the type of girl The Beach Boys sang about. Not only am I in awe of her style, but also her talent-- she crocheted the halter top she's wearing. She made a lot of her clothes growing up, and a lot of mine throughout my childhood. I never felt more stylish than when I was wearing a dress my mom sewed for me."
If you've got sewing skills like this little lady, make your own crocheted halter top with these patterns. I can't even iron so don't look at me. I'd probably just buy this original 70's version at Etsy.

Pink lady

Patricia Meko writes: "This is my mom Kay Gallagher at a PTA fundraiser fashion show East Flatbush, Brooklyn in 1966. She was 44 at the time. I was 14 and a volunteer at the show."

Monday, April 19, 2010


It's happening peoples. MMTSI and Williamsburg Seamster are co-hosting a clothing swap at The Legion on Graham Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this Sunday. Click here for all the details.

NOT YOUR FATHER: Polka Dots and Moustaches

Genevieve Diorio-Markle recognizes the glowing women in the polka dot sundress as her mom. But she hasn't the foggiest who that guy is.

"Here's my mother, Hope Diorio, circa 1978 at a wedding in Montreal. The man in the photo is some random guest whose name can't be recalled, but I give him points for his groovy moustache."

Back to the dress: "My mom's red polka dotted halter dress is pretty stylish on its own, but it's the accessories that really make this ensemble. Notice the silver bangle worn above her elbow, and the incredibly long chandelier earrings. The icing on the cake, however, is the subtle addition of a daisy in her hair; this was her trademark. Daisies have long been the flower of choice among the Diorio women, beginning with my grandmother, who was married with a bouquet of daisies in hand. True, by the end of the night, my mother's hair flowers were often ugly and wilted, but nobody can deny that she made a pretty unique fashion statement with them."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

MAHDD: Mothers against homecoming drunk driving

Drinking and driving don't mix. Especially when you're chauffeuring a homecoming queen. Kara writes: "That's my mom as homecoming queen at my dad's all male college: Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Any of the students could nominate their girlfriends, which my father did. Then they had to go through an interview process. All very formal. The guy driving the car on the football field was very, very drunk, hence my mom' s nervous look." Okay so he almost got her killed, but the gesture was nice. So nice...

... she agreed to marry him. "She wore the flower mini-dress at my parent's engagement party in 1968." Dad seems pretty psyched about nabbing his queen. Mom, meanwhile, is all "don't touch the ruffles buddy, we're not married yet."

Mod Mini Mamma

Unlike 1994, 1967 was a good year for fashion. Mini-dresses and go-go boots ruled the racks. And Jean Coburn-White's mother wore both of them like a champ. Says Jean: "In this photo, taken in Toronto, Canada, she was wearing a gray, long-sleeve knit mini dress with small pockets. She completed the look with knee-high flat boots. Damn, that outfit would look just as good today. And if she had it, she could wear it. She's still 115 lbs."
Take heart, Mod Cloth has a few variations on the dress--though none as swingin' as the original.

But wait, something is wrong with this picture. If you're a 16 year old hottie like Jean's mom, a gaping admirer can't be far off.

Aha. That's better. Doug, Jean's dad, was so smitten with his lady he even let her tower over him. But don't expect him to be happy about it.


For the next few weeks I'm going to be making readers jealous that they don't live in NYC. That's because loads of awesome stuff is going on around these parts.
This Monday is the best party of the year: THE LOVE BENEFIT. The fundraiser raises money for my sister's non-profit organization WET-- a production company that promotes women writers and hosts an amazing Media Literacy outreach program for teenage girls in New York. But back to the party. First off there will be a series of one-acts by women writers and performed by oh, SNL's Rachel Dratch, Entourage's Emmanuelle Chriqui, 30 Rock's Maulik Pancholy, Star Trek's Zachary Quinto and John Hamm's Jennifer Westfeldt(she's brills in her own right, but just sayin) to name a few. Then we'll be sipping on champagne and in my case, hounding the cheese bar (yes there's going to be a cheese bar).
Last year it was the event of the season. My mom and I even got our picture taken!

Too bad I was momentarily occupied by the ghost of a Keg thirsty Teen Wolf.
Tickets are $200, which is pretty much made up for with the goody bag alone. But student artists can get their tickets now for $100 buckaroos here.
Stay tuned for details on another event happening next Sunday. Hint: It's the Mom's Stuff Swaparoo.

From the Magazine Rack: The Sassy 90's

Recently, my best friend brought up the idea of being style icons to our future, as-yet-unconceived kids. Will we be style icons to them? If they're looking for early 90's evidence, the answer is no. I dug up an old Sassy magazine circa '94. At the time I was 15 and this now iconic rag was my style bible. Here are a few relics from the days of eyebrow pierces and Blossom hats (yes, I had both).

This article polled "what's sexy now": while guys were hot for belly rings, the ladies loved the eyebrow pierce WITH bead. Meanwhile the owner of the tribal armband admitted to "probably regretting that someday". If you're out there anonymous armband owner, the day has come, right?

Here we have a sampling of hairstyles from the 90's: flat middle parts, metal fros, pixie hair and I don't know what the hell that poof is called all the way on the right. (ps I went to hebrew school with that girl. she was very cool)
The blond pixie cut was definitely something I coveted back then. It was the apex of edgy style. And wait, on closer inspection, it's no wonder it was. Check out the model.

It's sassy intern and style icon of today Chloe Sevigny. I guess some people were always cool looking, even in the 90's. Meanwhile, some stars of today, made regrettable fashion flubs...

...Hilary Swank, I'm looking at you in your skater overalls and floppy hat. Oy.

Here is an interview with the star of a little show called "My So Called Life". I have to say I like Claire's leggings but I could do without the ribbed collared blouse. At the time of the interview she went to a private school in NYC and was really upset about having to give it up and move to LA to be in Little Women. "I'm really jaded now," she says. I could have just about killed her.

The next page is significantly harder in texture almost like cardboard. That's because it's an ad for BMG music club. Remember that? 99 cents for 10 albums (Yanni, Counting Crows, Candlebox, you name it) and a lifetime of dodging collection agencies. But the real standout from this ad is the fashion. Long dresses with slits down the middle that rode up to your belly-button were very big. They were like housecoats of the Golden Girls Variety, only you'd wear them with short shorts. I know the 90's are coming back but can we please agree to be selective. Blond pixie hair, yes. Adult-sized overalls, no. Awesome teen magazines, yes. The "Stuff You Wrote" section, aw hells no.

"I sat at my desk/ pieces of you/ laid out before me /there's your hand /there's your mind /here's your heart/ I ripped it up and threw it /away/ "oh" I said picking up the pieces again/ "I guess this is recyclable."
I'm sorry, but Emily from San Antonio, regrets this more than her tribal tattoo.