Thursday, April 8, 2010

California Dreamin' on such a summer's day

Dana's mom was a California girl back when that meant something. That 'something' I'm basing on the movie "The Doors"

and the book about Laurel Canyon,

But let's return to those boots in exhibit A. Don't tell me that's not hard evidence for a better time.

Here's what Dana has to say about it all:
"My mom, Born in 1958, got a very small taste of the retro fifties, witnessed dresses getting shorter and shorter in the flamboyant sixties, and got to rock through the rebellion of the seventies. Raised in Philadelphia, but spent her summers in San Fernando Valley, California on a block with ALL BOYS! And occasionally in West Hollywood with her uncle Lars who took her on set with him. (She witnessed movies stars without their makeup and I will be forever jealous). Looking at her pictures takes me to time periods I wish I experienced. Bell bottoms, hair down to the waist, velvet suits, great music, males who looked like clones of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards..."

Dana let me just interject here:

okay continue.

"...Her summer tradition came to a stop soon after she had my older sister, but it’s something I begged and begged and begged to bring back. When I turned eighteen we finally made a trip out there, and again when I turned nineteen. (Fingers crossed for this summer but im not sure). Although California had more sun and smog then that slight vintage tint I imagined, it’s still a place I feel so connected to, and it all has to do with looking at my mom’s photo albums, and the eras that have changed fashion forever!"

If you go, here's a pair of boots you can bring to look just like your momma. I found these vintage Granny knee-highs over at etsy. (I hope you're a size 7.5)

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