Saturday, April 17, 2010

From the Magazine Rack: The Sassy 90's

Recently, my best friend brought up the idea of being style icons to our future, as-yet-unconceived kids. Will we be style icons to them? If they're looking for early 90's evidence, the answer is no. I dug up an old Sassy magazine circa '94. At the time I was 15 and this now iconic rag was my style bible. Here are a few relics from the days of eyebrow pierces and Blossom hats (yes, I had both).

This article polled "what's sexy now": while guys were hot for belly rings, the ladies loved the eyebrow pierce WITH bead. Meanwhile the owner of the tribal armband admitted to "probably regretting that someday". If you're out there anonymous armband owner, the day has come, right?

Here we have a sampling of hairstyles from the 90's: flat middle parts, metal fros, pixie hair and I don't know what the hell that poof is called all the way on the right. (ps I went to hebrew school with that girl. she was very cool)
The blond pixie cut was definitely something I coveted back then. It was the apex of edgy style. And wait, on closer inspection, it's no wonder it was. Check out the model.

It's sassy intern and style icon of today Chloe Sevigny. I guess some people were always cool looking, even in the 90's. Meanwhile, some stars of today, made regrettable fashion flubs...

...Hilary Swank, I'm looking at you in your skater overalls and floppy hat. Oy.

Here is an interview with the star of a little show called "My So Called Life". I have to say I like Claire's leggings but I could do without the ribbed collared blouse. At the time of the interview she went to a private school in NYC and was really upset about having to give it up and move to LA to be in Little Women. "I'm really jaded now," she says. I could have just about killed her.

The next page is significantly harder in texture almost like cardboard. That's because it's an ad for BMG music club. Remember that? 99 cents for 10 albums (Yanni, Counting Crows, Candlebox, you name it) and a lifetime of dodging collection agencies. But the real standout from this ad is the fashion. Long dresses with slits down the middle that rode up to your belly-button were very big. They were like housecoats of the Golden Girls Variety, only you'd wear them with short shorts. I know the 90's are coming back but can we please agree to be selective. Blond pixie hair, yes. Adult-sized overalls, no. Awesome teen magazines, yes. The "Stuff You Wrote" section, aw hells no.

"I sat at my desk/ pieces of you/ laid out before me /there's your hand /there's your mind /here's your heart/ I ripped it up and threw it /away/ "oh" I said picking up the pieces again/ "I guess this is recyclable."
I'm sorry, but Emily from San Antonio, regrets this more than her tribal tattoo.


Morgan, Hi! said...

I'm trying to think of another dead magazine that is referenced as reverently and often as Sassy, but I'm coming up blank. More Sassy retrospectives, please!

MMTSI said...

hah. totally. well there was ym. sassy's red-headed stepchild. and who can forget bop-the keeper of the fred savage pin-up poster

Brieanne said...

OH my gosh. Claire Danes looks so so young here...At first I thought it was "Parent Trap"-era Lindsay Lohan. But obviously, she was just a red-headed embryo back then.

And you just gave me a total flashback to the ribbed-top era of fashion. Mine always came from Express, which (I thought) was the ne plus ultra of style. The collars always ended up either floppy or slightly stained from my way-too-much Cover Girl foundation that I did not need.

Deadly Vanilla Sunshine said...
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The Lipstick Feminist said...

Gotta miss the beauty tips of yesteryear! I've sworn to my friends that after reading a diet tip to bring a cute male friend to dinner if you're trying to lose weight, I'm keeping my old beauty mags for their entertainment value to my future children or nieces. There's some funny stuff in there! And the 90s, goodness...SeaBreeze anyone? That stuff could clean an oil spill off the pavement.

Eyeliah said...

OMG! Thanks for the look back, I sadly didn’t keep any of my sassys – but oh my I was all about (fake) tattoos, got a belly ring (with bead) and always wore the flat hair parted in the middle look. Sassy would be so great to have around today!

Anonymous said...

I had a giant stack of them saved in my closet till I wad a senior in high school. Oh man I wish I kept some. Why do I doubt women will be saying the same thing about Cosmo Girl one day.