Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I do declare it SHOE TUESDAY

Just so you know, this is how Amy Singer's mom Jackie ALWAYS casually lounges, when she's practicing her contortion routine. Look, who can blame her? She's got on a pair of wedges most women, and Tom (lifts) Cruise would kill for.
Jackie, a model who worked the Paris fashion circuit in the 70's, is all 'these old things'? And I'm all, 'put your feet away young lady, this is not that kind of blog-- and then just kidding. It is.'

It's not so easy to find a platform sandal with a flat sole these days unless you're hitting up the tween section at Payless.
But can we talk about these? These 70's vintage sandals from "Pinwheel" are totally Jackie-worthy.

If you don't like to play footsie with 70's fungus, consider these Jeffrey Campbell newbies.

These were also just born-- to proud mom Tory Burch.

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Nicole said...

Those are some awesome shoes. Love wedges. Hey, come visit my blog because I have a post about stay-at-home mom style. Please stop laughing. I don't talk much about style, probably because I'm a stay-at-home mom, but come visit anyway. girlinaboyhouse.blogspot.com