Friday, April 9, 2010

Let's bring back: Liza Minelli's style

I'm not talking about the David Guest period. I mean the Cabaret, Dudley Moore lovin', dance shoes, leotard and pixie hair Liza.

I'm not sure which came first, Liza style or Maya Yadid's mom's look. All I know is that Maya's mom, Irit, is 100% Fosse in these dance shoes, nylons and black leotard. Says Maya: "This is a photo of my mom, taken during the early 70's by her friend in Israel. She was one of those people who had crazy sense for fashion, you couldn't catch her wearing something boring. By the time she graduated high-school she opened up a fashion boutique where she used to bring designers items from Italy and anywhere around the globe. The boutique was very successful among high society, stylish independent women."

Hmmm. Liza has some 'splainin to do. Just saying.


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Patty said...

That's cute ;) I love the Cabaret style.

jean said...

Wow that sure is one fascinating picture of Maya's Mom!It looks so relevant even today.Like something out of Helmut Newton's catalog.Just WOW!

Brieanne said...

Such a fabulous photo. I've been wanting to bring back leotards for a while...I got a pretty good black one from American Apparel, but it's hard to wear without people commenting. (It's not a full length-one, think Beyonce "Single Ladies" type. Worn with jeans.)

You know what else I'd like to come back? 80's aerobics. I think I'd make a small fortune if I took my Mom's Jane Fonda workout tapes to a gym and turned it into a class.

P.s. Everyone needs to find the "Liza with a Z" record. Very life-enhancing.

Anonymous said...

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