Thursday, April 29, 2010


Irmy's checkered pants are very impressive. So is her her bob and her triumph over a staring contest with the camera. But daughter Ellen Monroe, isn't surprised. Her mom is one tough cookie. Says Ellen: "My mother, now 72 yrs old, had colon cancer three months ago and is cancer free as of today."

In honor of Mother's Day and kick-ass Mom Cancer Survivors (including my own mom yay!) I'll be Run/Walking with Team Adult Babies this Saturday at the EIF Revlon Run/Walk in NYC. Donations go to the fight against women's cancers. SPONSOR ME HERE. Full disclosure: I will be WALKING. Not running. And likely at a very sluggish pace. I may also have a bloody mary in my hand at all times, but I swear to you I will make it to the finish line before dark.

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