Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still haven't made your own dress yet?

Jerrica Gross's mom whipped this one up out of freaking CURTAINS.
"My mothers name Is Eugenia, but everyone calls her Jennie, I am the youngest of her 7 children She will be sixty years old this July, and she is still beautiful as ever! This photo was taken at her prom, she had sewn this dress and jacket out of curtains.She said she had to make a jacket with it because it was too immodest without one (the dress was sleeveless) oh how times have changed. she was beautiful and sexy without showing too much skin. I can only hope that when I decide to have children I can raise them as good as she raised us."


Angela said...

That just blows me away..curtains. Amazing!

jean said...

Wow BRAVO to Jennie!I doubt any of the celebrity designers today are capable of actually cutting out a dress pattern and sewing up the outfit.
Jennie & her date would fit right in today at any Red Carpet event in those fabulous outfits.(They somehow remind me of a glamourous Christian Siriano & Gina Gershon..!)