Monday, April 26, 2010

Swap hangover

Last night My Mom The Style Icon and Williamsburg Seamster hosted a very special clothing swap in honor of Mother's Day and $2 beers. It was kind of like playing "store" when you were a kid, only back then I would have called the event "pizzaz" and swapped oily stickers and puffy pencil cases.

Seamstress to the Brooklyn stars Tara (at left) pretty much made it happen. She transformed Legion bar in Williamsburg into a boutique with mirrors, a make-shift changing room and racks for clothes.

I brought a mouth-watering spread of ranch dip, crackers and cheese. I call that cube of cheddar on the beer-drenched booth!

There was mad swapping to be had.

Everyone found something adopt.

Even Tara, who turned my Paula Poundstone standup comedy vest into something actually stylish.

And these folks who were embroiled in some serious swapping espionage.

And my mad pregnant sister.

I got my halloween costume for next year: Comedy legend Gallagher anyone?

At first people were polite and pretending to look at one thing for a while and consider maybe taking it.

But by the end we were filling up shopping carts and rolling out like bag ladies. The beer breath added to the effect. And then...

... this happened. Hey that jacket looks great on you! It's the perfect fit. You should toooootallly get it.
Okay so they can't all be winners, but at least it was all free.

Thanks to everyone who came and Poor Cute Girl for taking pictures. Stay tuned for the Summer Wardrobe Swap coming in a couple of months!

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