Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bloomers + Blue checkers = Babetown

To my mom Barbara Lee Hall-Mintz,

My mother “Bobbie” is a natural beauty who never realizes how amazing she looks. She grew up rather shy and demure which I think makes her even prettier. I always see honesty in her eyes when I look at old pictures of her, and it is her kindness that makes her shine. Even though she did not have a lot of money in those days to spend on designer clothes, my mother always made clothes look elegant and beautiful. She had four daughters and inspired all of us to create our own sense of style. She allowed us to experiment with our clothing, make up, and develop our own personal look without ever being judgmental. She was aware of our sense of self worth and she encouraged us to have a high self-esteem which has carried me throughout my life.

I love you mom!!

Michelle Mintz-Miltz

Bobbie’s Daughter

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