Monday, May 3, 2010

Chicken Run

To my mom Margie Gilstrap Johnson,

Mother said she and her 10 girlfriends would spend their leisure hours, summers taking pictures of each other. Mother is sporting her own creation for something to 'sun' in.

This photo is a favorite of her four children. She has always been embarrassed by it.
My Mother is 81 years young. Love the chickens in the photo.


Tina Smith


Kathy Sue said...

Well Tina that is fantastic. She is pretty and I love what she had on and I do love the chickens to.Because I love chickens and love our mom. Thanks for putting this in there and sharing our beautiful mom. love you,Kathy Sue

Lulu said...

Look how pretty she is and how she is "stylin" ... wonder who took the photo and where they were on this leisurely summer afternoon? I love the chickens, too!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Margie!!! I love you and your four kids, Lulu

Cherry Hill Cottage~ said...

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

Thanks for this wonderful blog!

Elsie said...

are the cutest chick in the yard.
She looks beautiful in her sunning
attire. Beautiful Lady. Thanks for
sharing her with all of us.:O)