Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cutie Pie

To my mother, Kathryn Drainie Pastor,
She is one of the kindest and most giving people you could ever meet. She takes care of everybody around her, all the time, no matter how busy she is or what challenges life throws at her. From her own younger brothers and sisters, to me and my brother and sister, to her own parents in their final years, my mother is a constant caregiver who always puts everyone else first. She even spent the past two years looking after an elderly woman she met in a mall who had no family of her own! Who else would do such a thing but my wonderful, beautiful mother. Mom you are an inspiration. And on top of that she is still just as gorgeous and charming as the day the picture was taken. Even now in her 60's she still has the face of a little girl and it always makes me smile.
Love you Mom,
Happy Mothers Day

Love Angela

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