Friday, May 7, 2010

Forever Fabulous

Dear Mom,

I admire you as a style icon because you always look so chic and
feminine from head to toe. Although you appreciate fine quality
things, you taught me that a girl can look good on any budget. You
taught me never to take designer labels or brand names too seriously.
You know how to sow your own clothes, do your own manicures and
pedicures, style your own hair, and you always, always wear light,
flattering makeup with mascara. You know how to accessorize with
stylish jewelry, purses, and shoes! To this day, you walk out of the
house looking like you just stepped out of a salon. (And you always
smell soo good!)

Although you’re incredibly beautiful on the outside, it’s your
positive attitude and dependence on God that has made the most impact
in my life. Thank you for being so loving and telling us you love us
every single day! My dream is to have my own children soon and create
the warm, loving home that you and dad created for me.

Here you are in your early twenties, the beautiful style icon captured
by your loving husband.

Melanie and Tiffany

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