Thursday, May 6, 2010

How not to look like a tourist

To my mom, Ann Proctor,

This photo was taken in June of 1963, but my mom's suit still has the formal look of the late fifties. She was photographed by my father while they were touring Europe. She's wearing a suit, with a purse that can double as a suitcase but it's still very stylish, even her camera case hanging on her arm looks very smart and stylish. My brother looks so dapper in his suit jacket and bow-tie, can't imagine a 2 year old being dressed up to travel like that today. I was there when the photo was taken but you can't see me, I was born six months later.

Mom, thanks for being so wonderful and caring.
Happy Mother's Day!
Love Tina

Tina Hanes


Anonymous said...

She looks great in this photo. I can't believe that's Gardie in a bow-tie!


From Youngest Daughter said...

How come I never look that neat in clothes? There must be a class you have to take to 'dress smart' and on how to keep a very clean two year old.

I must say, they could pass for a ' royal family' or some famous family. Too Cool!!!

From Youngest Daughter,