Friday, May 7, 2010

Marilyns are one of a kind

The Movie Star

This is in memory of my wonderful mom, Marilyn, who I'm missing so much on Mother's Day.

Here she is on her honeymoon with my dad. She was 'glam' when it was just called glamorous. She wore 'bling' when it was just called jewelery. Who else wore sunglasses indoors and got dressed up like she was Rita Hayworth to go out on Saturday night?

And did she ever love to have a good time. Just ask Georgine, Selma and Beverly,
former members of the notorious Bronx gang The El Barodas. That's 'adorable' spelled backwards.

But I think what my mom liked best was being a good friend to all her friends and to me. Who I am today is because of my mom. She built me up while the world was tearing me down. When I wanted to be an actor, she didn't say, "Are you crazy?" She said, "Do what makes you happy."

She was always there for me. And later on when she met my wife Suzanne it was like two peas in a pod, She knew I had someone special. How she loved her daughter in law and her grandson Adam. Someone new to be a friend to.

You get the picture. This was not a woman who lived quietly.
My mom took a big juicy bite out of life right up to the end.