Monday, May 3, 2010

Mom of a thousand looks

To my mom: Ann,
I could not choose just one photo of my mother, so I had to put together a collage. I chose these photos for quality and composition in addition to the outfit. In each picture, I believe, there is some accessory that makes the outfit - a belt, shoes, clutch, glasses, apron, etc. This is only a small sample of her many looks. To me, she is so beautiful that she could wear anything and look stunning. Still, her physical beauty paled in comparison to her kind-hearted and loving personality. I am so proud that she is my mother and I appreciate every sacrifice she made for me and my siblings.
Happy Mother's Day to my very special mom and all the other mom's out there.
Love, Cathy

*All this week, take over this blog: send in pictures with a headline and dedication to your mom. After it's posted you can send her the link for Mother's Day

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